Reduction in energy consumption; LED lamps this is a fact, technology has given us a new way of lighting the home. the office even streets the galleries. It was thought that with the entrance of the LED (light emitting diodes) all the design the shape and beauty of the lighting would be lost and instead things have gone quite differently indeed has increased the design, beauty and integration in the " architecture with scenic lighting effects. One thing to not underestimate is that the need for low power is the LED lamp goes wireless only with a small charge or battery. And here's the novelty of Milan Design Week: "Candle of Astep is the new brand that Alessandro Sarfatti: a lamp - designed by Francisco Gomez Paz - typically typifies those oil scandins, physically a thermoelectric reaction, so a temperature difference generates electricity. "The flame produced by the combustion of bioethanol emits heat to the upper part useful to feed, after cooling down the bottom, the Led lights: only 2/3 watts are enough for this type of source." Candle is a hybrid object, wirelessly illuminates and recharges cell phones via the Usb socket and approaches the experimental horizon that labs enters our homes.


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    We offer interior design lamps with innovative energy saving solutions, Philips Lighting proposes a selection of suspended lamps, appliance lamps, floor lamps, LED lights or low power consumption. Illuminate the ceiling, the walls of the dining room, the bedroom it is very important to choose the right light, better still if 2700K hot light, the perfect color for the light in the bedroom. Prices today are very competitive, you can find design wall lamps at 30/40 € low power consumption. Our strong experience in floor lighting environments, ceiling lamps, table lamps, adjustable spotlights and recessed luminaires, if you love practicality or if you love shapes with exclusive designs like armchairs and finally all outdoor lighting for the terrace, garden the pool. Google Traduttore per le aziende:Translator ToolkitTraduttore di siti web

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