Kitchen stools, Design stools, Bar stools, Bar stools are more and more present in our apartments kitchen and snack counter even in bars such as Bar Pub Restaurants for an aperitif with most dearest friends, a romantic dinner or a landmark in the dark dark where the solution is the Slide Cube and all the series of bright seats. Desk stools, island kitchen and snack table top, wooden, metal, leather or plastic counter; equipped with lifting pistons to adjust the height or rotating or fixed stools ... The stools are now available in different seat heights (h 40 cm, h 65 cm, h 75 cm) adjustable in height. North design Olo by Midj stool designed by Paolo Vernier, Interior and exteriors stools My Your like the liveliness of Liberty Stool high 45 cm and only 33 of stackable diameter up to 5 pieces, art work by Odo Fioravanti for Pedrali woody stool with 64 cm height up to 78 white or black, is to be admired and tried !!!

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